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About Vern

Fitness Is Within Reach

As a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, my mission is to guide you on your path to a healthy lifestyle. Each body is unique, and comes with its own strengths and limitations; I will meet you where you are.  Giving you the power within as we focus on building strength, lean muscle and a positive outlook throughout your journey! I work with you to design a custom plan based on your ability, schedule and goals.  Together we will transform your body and mindset to keep you on track!

Genuine Experiences, Unbelievable Results


Vern is an amazing instructor! I will attend and recommend every chance I get!

Stephon H.

Awesome trainer! Vern focuses on what works for you! No one type of training fits all with her. She focuses on giving ultimate value with each session. Steady movements with the most impact.

Charmaine  G.

Vern is not only amazing at what she does, she is a true motivator! She encourages and pushes in the most gentle way, she really helps you find the strenth within yourself to go the distance!

Kay D

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Fitness is Within Reach!

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