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Universal Juice Cleanse

Universal Juice Cleanse


The Universal Juice Cleanse is a 3 day cleanse which consists of 12, 16oz bottles of fresh juice. 


**Juicing allows our digestive organs to take a break from the breakdown of foods. It allows pure nutrients to be distributed throughout the bloodstream and be easily absorbed leading to removal of fat cells from our intestines, renewed energy, clear skin, a lighter feeling, relief of bloat, waste loss 4-15lbs, decreased sugar cravings as well as cell rejuvenation. Juicing for a period of time can reverse some diseases and lead to an overall healthier life!


Green Pastures: Provides energy, kick starts your metabolism and starts the fat flushing process. Packed with vitamin K and an Immune booster.
Ingredients: Apple, Cucumber, Celery, Kale, Lemon, Ginger

Moonlight: Purifies the blood, aids in providing nutrients for the skin and cleanses the liver and kidneys.
Ingredients: Apple, Cucumber, Beets, Lemon, Ginger

Sunset: Provides Vitamin C, aids in eye health and cleanses stubborn fat lying within the intestines cleansing the colon.
Ingredients: Apple, Cucumber, Carrots, Golden Beets(seasonal), Lemon, Ginger

This cleanse requires a lot of water intake as your body will absorb vitamins and minerals healing the body from the inside out.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your physician before making extreme diet changes. Please do not use if you are alergic to any of the ingredients listed. 

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